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Easy Mac Payroll

3 simple steps to complete payroll, 
one click to update QuickBooks

Launches directly from QuickBooks for Mac
30-Day Free Trial
+ 2 more months at $9.99*

Enter Payroll Hours

Enter your hours and
approve salaries

Review and Approve

Taxes and deductions are
calculated instantly 

Pay Your Employees

Print or hand-write checks
or use free direct deposit*

• Email reminders keep you up to date for all your payroll needs

• Instant paycheck calculations

• Free direct deposit

• Electronic tax payments and filings**

• Pay and file taxes in multiple states

• Make workers compensation insurance payments with each payroll 
   using Xact PAY***

• Fee support from payroll experts

• Run Payroll anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection

• One click export of your payroll details to your QuickBooks register
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