Service Cost
Discount rate for Visa, MasterCard and Discover® Network Card-swiped: 1.69%1
Key-entered: 2.79%2
Monthly service $19.95
Per-authorization fee $0.293
Monthly Minimum fee $0-$15 (based on monthly processing volume)
One-time set-up fee $50.00
Cancellation fee None
Add additional service $9.95 per month 4
Annual PCI Compliance fee Based on transaction volume 5

1. This rate, also referred to as the "Qualified Rate," applies to qualified swiped Visa/MC/Discover Network transactions that are electronically authorized. Most rewards cards, corporate cards, international cards and other special card types are not considered "qualified". Card-swiped rate requires the card reader for QuickBooks for PC service, which is available separately for $69.95. To order online, click here or call 877-683-3280.

2. This rate, which is also referred to as the "Mid-Qualified Rate," will be charged on all qualified manually keyed Visa/MC/Discover Network transactions that have verified addresses. Some categories of rewards cards where the full magnetic stripe has been read may also be treated as "Mid-Qualified" transactions. All other rewards cards, corporate cards, international cards and other special card types are not considered "qualified." All Visa/MC/Discover Network transactions that do not meet the requirements for Qualified and Mid-Qualified transactions will be charged a "Non-Qualified" Rate of 3.99%. See for more information on how we categorize card types for discount rate purposes. Different discount rates may apply for American Express and JCB.

3. A per-authorization fee of $0.34 will be charged for "Non-Qualified" transactions.

4. A separate account, offered at a discounted price, may be required.

5. Credit card companies require merchants to be PCI compliant in order to meet the minimum data security standards designed to protect customer card information. The PCI Compliance fee includes Breach Protection Coverage in an amount of $50,000 ($0 deductible, $0 copay) to pay for audits, fines, or other expenses associated with a breach of security. This fee is based on the estimated number of transactions per year, and will be charged annually beginning in the 4th month of service: $35 for 1-24 transactions, $50 for 25-99 transactions, or $100 for 100+ transactions. Different fees may apply to merchants who process in excess of 20,000 transactions per year.

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